A great place to work

This is more than just a great facility that’s home to great teams. This is a place where creativity and innovation reign, a chance to develop cutting edge technology and to find new ways to use that technology to impact peoples’ lives, both in our community and around the world.

Meet the teams

Here you’ll find a diverse array of curious innovators and champions of technology.

Research & Development

By bringing business intelligence to productivity and collaboration, the NERD Office team is changing the way work gets done. Our job is to make document collaboration simple and seamless for users of the billion endpoints on which Office is installed.

Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research New England focuses on interdisciplinary work, integrating the more mathematical and algorithmic sciences with both the social sciences and aspects of the biomedical sciences. Our primary goal is to advance the state of the art in interdisciplinary research, and our research also enhances Microsoft products and services both through direct transfer of technology and through impact on Microsoft strategy.

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Azure Machine Learning

Technology is getting smarter. It’s learning from data. But it’s not doing it by itself. Someone has to teach it. Someone like the Cloud Machine Learning team. They’re taking Big Data, Machine Learning and High ­Performance Numerical Computing and training them to work together, making them scale up and out, which helps take the guesswork out of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

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Intune is Microsoft’s cloud-based Unified Endpoint Management service, helping organizations enable their workforce to be productive while keeping corporate data protected. Intune manages the mobile devices and apps used to access company data, protecting company information by controlling how it’s accessed and shared.

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AI Customer Advisory Team (AI CAT)

The teams vision is to make AI real for our customers & partners on Azure. We drive deep engagements with Strategic customers to drive AI workloads into production & enable the most complex scenarios. This deep interaction also leads to Feedback for our AI platform & creation of best practices. AI CAT also represents MS at AI Conferences around the world where we contribute with white papers, blogs and posters.

Commerce and Platform Experience

Commerce and Platform Experience are one of the rare teams at Microsoft that touches every customer.  Any purchase transaction, whether it’s Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, or Xbox, goes through our systems.  We also build many of the customer’s initial experiences with Microsoft, whether it’s Azure Marketplace for 3rd party products, the purchase of Microsoft 365 licenses, or the technical docs and training you find on Microsoft Docs and Learn.

Office 365 Security Services

We are the team with a strong internal focus and are responsible for securing the Microsoft Office Org.  We build and maintain data processing systems that allows us to analyze billions of events per second.  This coupled with our expertise in understanding threats and vulnerabilities gives us the ability to respond quickly and with precision when the alarms go off.

Semantic Machines

Developing fundamental, next generation Conversational AI technology. Developing novel models for dialogue, NLP, and new approaches for automatically generating limitless AI Assistant system capacity. We are pushing the boundaries of conversational AI by aiming for a sweet spot among research, platform, and product.

Developer Division (DEVDIV)

Our mission is to empower every developer and their team to achieve more.  We aim to grow a large and vibrant developer community using our tools, services, and platforms so that developers can unlock the true potential of organizations.  Our team delivers tools that enable developers to be extremely productive, and we empower developers of all levels to achieve more.

Commercial Software Engineering (CSE)

CSE has development crews aligned with the eight key industry verticals.  CSE brings the right blend of deep engineering skills and industry expertise to solve our customer’s and partner’s toughest challenges.  We typically work with companies who intend to use our software in new and innovative ways and, in collaboration with our product engineering teams using a code-with paradigm to enable the organization, or their partner, to build the production-ready solutions.

Microsoft AI Development Acceleration Program (MAIDAP)

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Development Acceleration Program (MAIDAP) offers recent BS/MS/PhD graduates the opportunity to collaborate with product groups across Microsoft tackling some of our most exciting and challenging AI problems.

Sales & Marketing
Microsoft Technology Center

Technology Center, where our customers’ tech people work alongside our tech people imagining, designing, and creating so that our clients get the exact technology they need, because they helped create it.

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Microsoft Retail

Try Microsoft’s curated selection of PCs, gaming consoles, virtual reality tools, and school and business software at your local store.

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Digital transformation is about reimagining how you bring together people, data and processes to create value for your customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world. Partnering with Microsoft helps your organization transform into a digital company by developing new capabilities.

Business & Operations
NERD Site Team

The NERD Site Team is responsible for oversight of strategy, programming, operations, external engagements and partnerships, communications, morale, and bringing the site together as one unity and mission.

Legal & Corporate Affairs

Pioneering global technology takes more than computer know-how, you need people behind the scenes making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. Those people are our Legal & Corporate Affairs team, who ensure we fulfill all the legal and corporate responsibilities required to grow our business and build our enduring legacy.

Human Resources

This is the team that keeps everything around here running smoothly. They handle all things employee related, giving insight over employee programs, local benefits, and the overall employee experience.

Diversity and Inclusion

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. To do this successfully, we must celebrate the diversity of our world through the products we build and the people who build them.

At Microsoft New England R&D, we invest in programs that work to level the playing field for those too long left behind by the technology industry. We build strong engagements with New England’s vibrant network of colleges & universities, which develop students of all backgrounds, identities, and abilities. We sponsor Employee Resource Groups which bring visibility to underrepresented communities and train our employees into allies. Together, our efforts represent an ever-expanding mission to bring diversity & inclusion to the forefront of technology.