The Garage at Microsoft New England

A platform—and a place—for experimentation and employee-led innovation.

With locations at seven Microsoft facilities around the world, The Garage is more than just a place: it’s a community of people committed to moving new ideas forward and resource to all Microsoft employees.

The newly renovated Garage at NERD exemplifies this spirit of entrepreneurialism and inclusion. Through Garage-run hackathons, engineering internships, and an experimental outlet, the Garage aims to bring passionate people together to create and share innovative solutions with its local university and tech communities.

The Microsoft Garage Internship Program

The Garage internship offers a small number of talented students a unique opportunity to work in small teams and hack on contemporary technology. Interns partner with engineering teams to build and ship strategic experiments that build engineering capabilities and customer savvy. These high impact programs offer opportunities for innovative people to learn new technologies, work closely with people of all different backgrounds, and help foster a culture—on a team, in a division, and at the company—in which people are empowered, self-directed, and nimble.

Candidates should be currently enrolled students with an academic focus in engineering, computer science, or other relevant fields. For further information, or to apply for upcoming cohorts, please visit these pages:

Garage PM or SWE interns
Garage UX Designer interns

Making space for innovation

This new space is available to all Microsoft teams and to the public by request. It will include a hub for hackathons, talks and workshops; a makerspace for hands-on exploration to spur creativity and learn new skills; a reality room for experimentation on the ecosystems of AR, VR and MR gear; and an area for our Garage interns to work together and create innovate solutions. If you are interested in reserving space at The Garage, please submit request here.

The Garage Hub

This is the heart of the garage, a place for thinkers and tinkerers to come together and share ideas. Here we will have lots of hackathons, talks and workshops to help hackers explore new technologies. And—weather permitting—our beautiful outdoor space will play host to all kinds of fun and festive events.

The Garage Makerspace

This is DIY meets advanced tech. 3D printers, a sewing machine, Cricut, TrueVIS printer/cutter, EggBot, AxiDraw, metal stamping, laser cutters, a CNC machine, a resin 3D printer, and even a t-shirt press. These—along with the training to use them safely—are just a few of the tools you’ll find here to spark your creativity. You can solder blinky lights onto a circuit board; tinker with micro:bits, Raspberry Pis and Arduinos; or discover something even more fantastical.

The Garage Reality Room

This is where the lines really get blurred. Here you will be able to dive into the worlds of AR, MR and VR. This room will be equipped with the latest devices including Hololens, WMR, Oculus, Vive etc. There is even a fancy green screen tucked into the ceiling that can be lowered with the push of a button.

The Garage Intern Space

This is the magical space where a small number of talented students get to hack on contemporary technology and collaborate—and compete to build what’s next. This space all about collaboration, enabling interns to work in small groups and to partner with engineering teams to plan, create and ship strategic experiments that build engineering capabilities and customer savvy.