The Garage at Microsoft New England

A platform—and a place—for experimentation and employee-led innovation.

With locations at Microsoft facilities around the world, The Garage is more than just a place: it’s a community of people committed to moving new ideas forward and a resource to all Microsoft employees.

The Garage New England exemplifies this spirit of entrepreneurialism and inclusion through Garage-run hackathons, and activities with employees and community groups.  The Garage aims to bring passionate people together to create and share innovative solutions.

Making space for innovation

This space is available to all Microsoft teams and to the public by request. It includes a hub for hackathons, talks and workshops and a makerspace for hands-on exploration to spur creativity and learn new skills.  If you are interested in reserving space at The Garage, please contact The Garage New England Lead.

The Garage Hub

This is the heart of The Garage, a place for thinkers and doers to come together and share ideas. Here we will have lots of hackathons, talks and workshops to help hackers explore technology.

The Garage Makerspace

A creative prototyping lab where you can make your idea real.  This space is open 24/7 for all Microsoft employees and their guests to try something new and move their idea forward.